Boulevard Engineering Studio
How We Work

Our Engineering Process

Each project is unique and requires an individually-tailored strategy. We want to get to know your business, your market strategy, your objectives and your vision in order to develop an effective strategy that yields positive results and moves your project forward.
Process Step 1

Research & Discovery

Every project begins with a comprehensive process of research and discovery. We build a knowledge base regarding your development and identify its key challenges. Our team performs detailed field inspections, obtains all pertinent project data, researches federal, state and local agency guidelines and establishes an approved scope of work with the governing agencies.
Process Step 2

Concept Development & Evaluation

The concept development and evaluation process consists of forming and testing engineering recommendations through the use of state-of-the-art technical applications, modern engineering standards and extensive industry expertise.  We conceptualize a list of viable, real-world engineering solutions based upon our established knowledge base and we pursue the most sustainable option.
Process Step 3

Engineering Design & Implementation

Engineering design is the culmination of concepts, analyses and decisions that transcend a project from a preliminary vision into an established course of action. This phase includes the careful execution of detailed civil engineering plans, specifications, engineering studies and technical memoranda that can be successfully implemented in construction.
Process Step 4

Client Support & Agency Submittals

Fast, reliable client support is deeply embedded into the fabric of our firm. We follow up on commitments and our firm is genuinely invested in the positive outcome of your project. Recognizing the importance of effective project management within a competitive market, we capitalize on our exclusive industry knowledge and expertise to deliver results you can depend on.